Note: New clients pls check the shipping info before purchase!

Note: New clients pls check the shipping info before purchase!

Jul 13, 2023

ATOC (Asynchronous Transmitting and On-Chip Charging) and "CTOC" (Constant Transmitting and On-Chip Charging) are two "different" "charging" protocols used for charging functions on data cables. Here are the differences between them:

1. Charging method: ATOC and CTOC use different charging methods. ATOC charging method is asynchronous transmission and on-chip charging, which allows data and charging to take place at the same time without interfering with each other. CTOC charging method is constant transmission and on-chip charging, which will prioritize the stability of charging, and may reduce the data transmission speed.

2. Charging speed: ATOC charging method usually has higher charging speed and can charge the device faster, while CTOC charging method pays more attention to charging stability and safety, and the charging speed may be slower.

3. Compatibility: ATOC and CTOC charging methods also differ in terms of compatibility; ATOC charging methods are usually compatible with a wider range of devices, while CTOC charging methods may only work with specific devices or brands.

It is important to note that ATOC and CTOC are two different charging protocols and require both the device and cable to support the corresponding protocol in order to realize the corresponding charging method. When purchasing a data cable, you can choose the appropriate charging protocol based on your device and personal needs.